Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Adventures with Senora Goldstein

As many of you may have noticed...
It's summer!

I don't know about you, but when I think of summer, I think of swimming pools, ice cream, road trips, friends, airplanes, tank tops, movies, family time, sunglasses, and Glee reruns.  Something kind of like this picture!

That's not my summer.

In May, before school ended, Senora Goldstein offered me, Kelsey, Jean, and a few other people the opportunity to learn Spanish 2 over the summer, so we could be in Spanish 3 next year.  I agreed to do it, so I have been studying harder than I ever did during the school year to learn Spanish.  Tomorrow, I'm leaving to go about four hours away from my house to spend a week in "Spanish Immersion" in the mountains.  Kelsey and Jean are both coming, along with two other students, Senora Goldstein, and her husband.  (Senor Goldstein?  Mr. Goldstein?)

Everyone coming on the trip has acknowledged that Sra. Goldstein is a little "loca en la cabesa".  (For those of you non-Spanish speakers, she's a little crazy in the head.)  To be fair, she just does whatever she can to make Spanish fun.  And it is fun.  It's my favorite class!  But the road from "fun" to "awkward" is a short one sometimes...see my earlier note on her spontaneous dance lessson in the classroom.  No es bueno for this chica.

Her teaching style is similar to the style of the man in this video, and she is always in teaching-mode.  Watch the video, then imagine spending a week with him, driving for four hours in a car with him, in the wilderness, without cell service.

It should be 'interesante'.

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