Wednesday, August 3, 2011


"The eagerness of a listener quickens the tongue of a narrator."
~ Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

As I mentioned in my last note,  I went to Spanish camp with Senora Goldstein last week, with Jean, Kelsey, and Sneed.  Things were a little loco in the beginning, but we quickly learned to be okay with the fact that a teacher was living down the hall from us.  I learned a year's worth of Spanish in two months, passed the final with a 90%, and am going to be in Spanish 3 this school year.

that's not the main point of this note.

I found the Charlotte Bronte quote above in Jane Eyre, a book assigned for summer reading by my language teacher.  I read the sentence, put the book down, and grabbed a piece of paper and pen as fast as I could.  I wrote the quote down and thought about it for a while.

I've been thinking for a few weeks now that I should temporarily stop writing for this blog. 

And I have a few good reasons.

1.  Last year's finals.
I started this blog last year right around the time that I should have been studying like mad for my finals.  My grades on the finals were pretty good, but not as good as they could or should have been.  I need to focus more this year on school, and less on my writing.

2.  This year's schoolwork.
For my sophomore year, my schedule includes three Advanced Placement, college-level, classes, plus the new level in Spanish.  I am going to have to work harder now than I ever have, and I don't know if I'll have the time to maintain this blog.

3.  Is anyone reading?
Just as Charlotte Bronte said, in 1847, storytellers work best when they are listened to attentively.  Even though it has been a while since I've written, it is a little disheartening to get so few comments on my notes.  It is difficult to want to keep writing here if no one is reading, or liking, what I write.

That's basically it.  I'm giving up the blog for a while for extra time, because I need to focus, and for my own personal reasons.  At least for the first half of the school year, I won't post much on this blog.

But fear not!
There is hope.

When not enough people signed up for the brand new creative writing elective class, none of the teachers wanted to add the class to their work load, and there were rumors that it would be shut down before it had even started.  The few students who had signed up would have to take something else.  I have never been in a creative writing class, but it sounded like so much fun, I signed up for it last year.  I was so sad at the thought of not being able to take the class.
When my mom called the school to see what my sophomore schedule would be, creative writing was one of my classes!  The Flare had found a language teacher who would also teach creative writing.

In a few weeks, I'll be in her class, writing for a grade and having other students read my work, giving me constructive criticism and helping me to improve.  This is exactly what I need.

Just because I'm leaving the blog for a while doesn't mean I'll stop writing.  I'll write even more frequently now, and I see my situation as more of a happy beginning than a sad ending.

I won't give up the blog forever.  At least I don't think so, but you never can tell.  This isn't goodbye.  It's more of a "ta ta for now", like Tigger always says.

So TTFN, dear reader!

Ta ta for now.

Grace Kent