Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PROM: Part 1

            I wasn't even planning on going... but according to my best friend Kelsey, "If you don't go, you'll regret it for the rest of your life."  So I went.
            I recycled my dress from 8th grade promotion, which is fine, and my parents drove me to this nice burger place, where I met about eight of my girlfriends.  We had dinner there, before we carpooled with Kelsey’s dad to prom.
            When we arrived there, I walked in with my friends and we saw everyone from school.  I must say, it's a little strange to see everyone with their sneakers and backpacks replaced by gowns and tuxes.  Even the teachers were dressed up!  I saw Senora Goldstein, dancing in the same way that she had taught us to earlier in the week, next to The Flare, who was also very dressed up and looked to be having a good time.
           As I mentioned in my last note, I am not the best dancer, and have been known to stomp on the toes of anyone within two feet of me.  I tried my best not to step on anyone that night, though, because I knew that, with my new high heels, ambulances may be involved.
            For a while, the DJ played faster songs that we all know, like Firework, Thriller, and Tik Tok, but about an hour in, he put on a slower one.  All the couples, mainly upperclassmen, rushed out on to the dance floor.  My friends and I, suddenly feeling out of place, went outside onto this patio to cool off.  On our way out, I heard a girl I had never met say to her friend, "This is where singles go to die."  Thanks.  The way my cousin puts it, "Valentine's Day and Prom are also known as Singles Awareness Day."  However, I was perfectly fine with taking a little break from the sweaty room that was a claustrophobic's nightmare.
            Just as my friends and I were making a move to go back inside, Sneed stood in front of the door, blocking our way... and he asked each one of the eight of us, individually, if we wanted to dance.  He seemed a little upset after we all declined, but brightened up when he remembered that we had all seen Senora Goldstein, his favorite dancing partner, on the way in.  He excused himself and went back inside.
            When we went back inside, the DJ had put on Beyonce's Single Ladies, as a bit of a "tip of the hat" to all the people that had been excluded from the last song or two.  My friends and I practically ran to the dance floor; this was our song!  I found myself dancing next to one of the Maybellines, Demi, knowing full well that she was NOT a single lady.  But I put that aside and tried to enjoy myself... until my foot got caught on something.  I looked down, and what I found changed the course of the dance for the remainder of the night.
To be continued...


  1. Ahhhh!!! So suspensful!!!! :D

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'll try to come to yours as often as I can! School and it's evil twin named Homework keep me from bloggin and stuff. I really like your blog, I think it's funny and I like what you named it!

    PS: I also understood what you wrote for the title on one of your posts. I'm a first year Spanish student! :)

  3. Lacy: Thank you sooo much for commenting, faraway friend! That kinda made my day. :)

    Animal Lover: I don't know who you are, but I know that you have a very cool blog! I know School's evil twin VERY well... and we don't get along. Do you pass notes in class? And how do you like Spanish class?

  4. Hi! Sorry it took me so long! I do not pass notes in class, I wouldn't be very good at it. Hehe! I don't even TEXT in class. And I like Spanish class. My teacher though is also the only French teacher. So it gets a little tough at times. But it's not too bad!